My First

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The Italian actress, Agatha, has previously appeared in just two Sexart erotic features. Both were conceived and created by her countryman, director Alis Locanta, and both films are riveting examples of single-girl erotica at its finest. Now the long-limbed, lean and shapely performer takes the next step of her career in "My First," Agatha's first ever lesbian performance. And, in a bit of clever casting, seasoned erotic actress Whitney Conroy — who has appeared 21 Sexart productions — is her costar. The teaming of the inexperienced newcomer with the veteran vixen creates an inviting and irresistible tension between the two women that makes "My First" — which is subtitled "Something New" — something very, very special. Agatha is slightly agitated, somehow distracted, as she tries on various items of clothing from her closet. Once she's settled on an outfit she's joined by Conroy. These first few minutes of the film are artfully captured and beautifully performed. We see and feel the powerful, building, attraction between the two stunning women. We sense Agatha's hesitation, we feel Whitney's desire, the push and pull of mutual attraction is masterfully captured — and then, with a subtle twist, Agatha commits. Bathed in the soft, warm light of a window the lovers kiss and give way to their desire. Fittingly, Conroy takes the lead. Slowly, gently, and deliberately, she makes love to Agatha. First at the window, and then on a nearby bed. And when the skilled lover brings Agatha to orgasm it arrives with a long, extended, natural, and spontaneous moan of exquisite pleasure that leaves her breathless. This may be Agatha's first, but she's not at all timid as she goes about pleasing her partner. Soon it's Whitney's turn and the more experienced lover is soon quivering, yelping, and moaning with delight and satisfaction. The film ends with a hauntingly beautiful monochrome epilogue that underscores the beauty and chemistry of these two gifted performers. Here's hoping "My First" won't be their last.

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