New Day

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Added: May 27,2014
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It's early morning and two lovers — Eveline Neill and Katy Rose — are both asleep. Eveline is the first to awaken and she pads quietly into the bathroom where she draws a bubble bath in the large, circular tub. Her attempts to waken Katy are met with some playful resistance, but in the end the pair return to the bathroom, disrobe, and step into the warm, bubbly water. "New Day" represents a first for each performer. Brunette Eveline Neill has previously appeared in two productions, both directed by Andrej Lupin, but both were with a male costar — this is her first appearance at Sexart with another woman. And "New Day" is Katy Rose's first ever appearance at Sexart, where her blonde beauty and delicate physique are certain to garner much approving attention. Fittingly, Eveline is the aggressor, at least to begin with, kissing, caressing, and ultimately licking, stroking, and probing her partner to ecstasy. Katy is as eager and generous a dispenser of pleasure as she is a receiver and she skillfully and lovingly responds in kind. As the film wends its romantic and passionate way to a satisfying conclusion, Eveline once more satisfies Katy, and the sudsy session of Sapphism winds down with more kissing and finger-play. For those who savor lesbian erotica, there's no better way to start — or end — the day than with "New Day."

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