Incandescence Ep 4 - A Doll Story

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Added: February 4,2015
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Alis Locanta's single-girl series, "Incandescence," is emerging as a fan favorite among Sexart members, for a number of reasons. It's got a unique style and premise, concisely telegraphed in the subtitle, "A Doll Story," for one. And the absence of any additional narrative or plot construction puts the star in a figurative spotlight, with permission granted to put her own distinctive stamp on her performance in "the doll role." This makes it a particularly fitting showcase for a first-time Sexart model, as is the case here. Chloe Amour, born in Texas, is a petite, slender, and alluringly exotic beauty of Hispanic extraction. After the stylish introduction Amour appears dressed in a form fitting white lace dress over skimpy panties and bare breasts. As the life force begins to flow Chloe emerges slowly, and subtly, from her inanimate state. This is a restrained, delicate performance, and Amour doesn't rush the process. Indeed, as her hands begin to explore and experience her body she moves in total silence, eyes often closed, as her long dormant desire begins to blossom. But, once she's begun to masturbate in earnest, the slow burn and restraint are both discarded in favor of a frenzied, feverish, two-handed session of almost manic masturbation. Seated, long, lean legs spread wide, she plunges two fingers into her pink center while the other hand furiously frigs her clitoris. And then, as orgasm nears, Chloe rises to her feet and finishes herself off with a similar treatment until the electricity of orgasm flows throughout her willowy frame. Once this living doll has returned to her original state the film concludes with footage of Ms. Amour in the shower, a hot and wet ending for an impressive new arrival.

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