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Sexart's Alis Locanta borrows the title, parts of the plot, and a subtle sample of the flavor from one of the classics of the French Nouvelle Vague for his film "Breathless." The titles and soundtrack have a distinctly retro feel and there's a suggestion of menace and danger as Franck Franco exits a convenience store, gets in his car, and drives off with a beautiful girl — Carol Vega — asleep in the back seat. Once the couple have persuaded a suspicious hotel clerk to rent them a room, the ominous, unsettled feeling begins to dissipate. Vega joins Franco in the shower, he goes down on her, and after an abrupt cut they're in bed together. As Franco sleeps, Vega studies him, gently petting and caressing his body. As the love scene unfolds the sheets are pulled back and the slender auburn-haired beauty gives Franck a long, loving, and languidly paced blowjob. The room is still and almost entirely silent as she climbs astride him and takes his cock inside her. The pace and tempo of their lovemaking, and of the scene itself, is relaxed, spontaneous, and natural — no matter what dangers or consequences may exist outside this room, inside it's tranquil and serene as two people savor their connection and the moment. Carol Vega — an exceptionally appealing and talented performer making her Sexart debut here — becomes incrementally more expressive as her arousal builds, and when she eventually reaches orgasm it's particularly intense, and perfectly matched by the explosive eruption her partner experiences shortly thereafter. We can't be sure what will happen to this man on the run, the woman who loves him, or the bag of money they're carrying, but their time together in the safe haven of that hotel room will leave you "Breathless." Ahhh...

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