Lost in a Dream Vol 3

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Enigmatic, mysterious, and endlessly fascinating, the sights, sounds, and events presented by the subconscious mind during sleep provide the inspiration, flavor and framework for Alis Locanta's hauntingly beautiful single girl series, "Lost in a Dream." In newly released Volume 3 — released out of numerical sequence, there are now 6 volumes in the series — Sapphira A plays the dual roles of dreaming girl as well as the girl in her dreams. As the erotic portion of her nocturnal imaginings begins the nude sleeper throws off the sheet covering her slumbering body and the scene in her mind is revealed. Dream Sapphira appears in a hallway, backed by double doors. It is daytime in the dream and the light is clear and bright, perfectly illuminating the face and figure of Sapphira clad only in heels and black, sheer-to-waist pantyhose. She begins to masturbate and quickly reaches a state of high arousal, her moans of ecstasy reverberating in the space. The dream unfolds in three increasingly intense segments. The location never changes, a low leather stool appears in the second and final segments, and dream Sapphira wears three different selections of black lingerie. Caressing her breasts, stroking her clit, and sliding fingers in and out of her moist, pink center, often from behind, dream Sapphira's impassioned vocalizations grow ever louder. And when she achieves orgasm it is so powerful and profound that it ends the dream and awakens the sleeping beauty. Dazed, but satisfied, Sapphira smiles in the darkness. And so will those who view "Lost in a Dream Volume #3."

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