Inside Couple

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Alis Locanta's "Inside Couple" opens with informal interview footage of Taylor Sands, and then Juan Lucho. We learn that Sands is from Holland, Lucho from Barcelona, and then it's revealed that they're in a long term romantic relationship and have been together for six years. This may come as a surprise to Sexart members who have had the pleasure of seeing both performers in numerous sex scenes with other actors. The beauty and charm of "Inside Couple" is that it presents a side of two erotic stars that is often hidden from view — their real lives. In the interview, and the sex scene that follows, both performers open up and share with each other — and the viewer — in ways that are genuine and moving. And, no matter how many times we've seen either one of them, in whatever situations or settings, the fact that we now watch them make love with the knowledge that they are actually lovers, adds layers of emotional depth and meaningful humanity to the interlude. The sex scene, as one might expect, has a relaxed, natural pace — these two know each other, know how to please one another, and love sharing their passion not only for their own pleasure, but for the benefit of the viewer, as well. While the sex is undeniably heated, the love and affection Taylor and Juan display for each other during the scene gives it a warmth and sincerity that dramatically enhances the eroticism. See what happens when real sex stars make genuine love in "Inside Couple."

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