Secretly 2

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Added: November 3,2014
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Much like the director's original, Alis Locanta's "Secretly 2" makes a powerful impression through the most subtle, understated means imaginable. In a monochrome prologue two women meet in an elegant, clean-lined space. Not a single word is exchanged, but their attraction for one another is obvious, almost overwhelming. A series of quick cuts to what is about to happen, in vivid color, set the stage, and the feature begins to unfold. The casting of these two clandestine lovers is particularly effective. Whitney Conroy is among the most prolific of Sexart's stars, while Julia Roca is making only her second appearance here. But the suggestion in the prologue that the more experienced woman will play the aggressor when they make love is a playful and deliberate misdirection, as it's Roca who takes the lead in pleasuring Conroy. The physical beauty of each performer is undeniable, but the powerful emotions they express, and the desires they convey to each other, are what gives the film its weight and that adds such powerful erotic impact to the encounter. Yearning, hunger, desire, lust, pleasure — through body language, eye-contact, even something as simple as a deep breath, the communication the lovers share as their encounter proceeds is both involving and exquisitely beautiful. "Secretly 2" invites the viewer to share a private experience that is both intimate and intense — by all means, accept this invitation.

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