Weekend - Episode 4 - Time For Love

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Added: October 28,2014
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From the very start of Andrej Lupin's "Weekend" series, William Zeff has been the odd man out. His girlfriend, Katy Rose, starts out difficult and distant, turns outright bitchy, and then proceeds to seduce both of the hosts and the other two women enjoying this weekend getaway. As "Weekend – Episode 4 – Time For Love" begins Zeff's attitude seems to have improved, and he's ready to enjoy the new day. And as Lutro and Dominika Phoenix prepare breakfast, Lexie Dona and Jason X are enjoying the morning in a more intimate way. After surveying the Portuguese landscape, Jason returns to bed and snuggles up with the still-sleeping Lexie. She's more than receptive to his advances and she's soon straddling him in the cowgirl position for a rewarding ride. The twosome punctuate their early hours activity with short breaks for oral enjoyment, and then reach satisfying climaxes capped by an internal ejaculation. When the entire group finally assembles at the breakfast table the mood is up-beat and optimistic, but when Zeff catches a glimpse of Rose being a bit too friendly with Lutro he snaps. Furious, he makes his exit. Angry and upset, he wanders the streets. When he arrives at the beach the sight of two young lovers — sharp-eyed Sexart members will recognize this moment from Lupin's earlier effort "First" — only upsets him further. Dejected, he takes a seat on a bench and ponders his future. But, as luck would have it, a pretty girl at a nearby café approaches him, they chat, and an unexpected opportunity presents itself, bringing the "Weekend" saga to an unexpectedly happy end.

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