Weekend - Episode 3 - Lust

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Added: October 27,2014
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After the "Infidelity" chronicled in the previous installment of Andrej Lupin's "Weekend" series, Episode 3 is subtitled "Lust," and that may be something of an understatement. It's getting close to dinnertime and the three couples are drinking wine and chatting amiably as chicken roasts on the grill. But there's nothing amiable about the conversation Katy Rose and William Zeff are having. In fact, things quickly go from bad to worse and Rose breaks off the relationship, slams down her plate, and leaves the group. While the men try to console their heartbroken pal, Lexie Dona heads off to see if Katy needs anything. As it turns out, Rose does need something, and that thing happens to be Lexie's pussy. And Katy is ravenously eating Lexie when Dominika Phoenix wanders down a hallway and sees her two girlfriends making love. At first Phoenix watches from the shadows, but when she begins to masturbate she makes an unintended noise. Rather than being shocked or surprised, Lexie and Katy invite Dominika to join them, and a threesome ensues. While the men are outside enjoying their wine and the night air their women are indulging in full-contact, completely uninhibited, and exquisitely orgasmic group sex, and by the time their tryst has reached its ending each girl has gotten off at least once. After this unexpected twist there's no telling what the final installment of this series will bring, but "Weekend – Episode 3 – Lust" delivers what it promises, and then some!

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