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Tania G walks to her car in a crowded parking lot, opens the door, and takes a seat behind the wheel. She is agitated, distressed. But before the viewer has a chance to wonder why, she wrestles up the hem of her tight mini-skirt and begins to masturbate. The agitation visible on her face only seconds before is instantly replaced by arousal. This brief scene perfectly encapsulates the theme of Alis Locanta's "Obsessed." Tania G is a woman possessed by her own unquenchable sexual desire. She's a prisoner of her imagination, a slave to her impulses, and her performance in the title role is subtly wrought and utterly convincing. She sits in a red leather chair, pawing and groping her shapely body. Once more she begins to masturbate. She approaches her task with single-minded focus, but as she pleasures herself her mind wanders. Does she imagine herself with a lover? Does she ponder some passionate fantasy scenario? No. She imagines herself masturbating in another place, at another time. And so it goes. "Obsessed" shifts between the here and now and the then and there, and with every shift Tania G's pleasure-hungry mania grows more and more inflamed. Her fingers blur as she strums and worries her clitoris. She penetrates her slit feverishly. And when her fingers prove inadequate, she slips a crystal probe deep inside her hungry pussy. And even when it's over, as she catches her breath and her body glows with orgasm, her mind is racing — racing to the next opportunity, the next fantasy, the next climax. Perfectly conceived, titled, executed and performed, "Obsessed" is a powerful and intensely erotic depiction of sexual compulsion.

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