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Mia is referred to as Madison Swan in the Amateur Allure scene.

The scene instantly possesses a cute and endearing quality, I’m sure I had a weird fluffy feeling watching Malkova talk to the camera for the first time with a smile and piercing blue eyes in a top that made her body pop.

She came across from the outset of not only enjoying the moment but you also felt as if she was genuinely happy to be there and more than that to be realising an ambition and goal of hers.

Though much of the scene had the typical structure and hallmarks of an Amateur Allure scene there was one major difference and even a first for them – Malkova had brought her mum along to the shoot.

You think oh right, she’s just dropped her off. That’s weird but she’ll be leaving now and be back later to pick her up. Right?! No, her mum stays for the shoot.

Ok, that’s a little strange in todays society – it comes across as a little awkward and it’s the kind of awkwardness that has the potential to turn viewers away.

The cameraman tells Malkova to come clean and explain what she’s here to do to her dear old mum, her mum is shocked. It’s not fake shock either. Her mum listens on as her daughter is interviewed and as the questions begin to turn sexual and she is quizzed on her promiscuity and sexual encounters. Knowing how these scenes go, I couldn’t stop thinking “right, its nearly time to lose the clothes – surely her mum will be ushered into another room now” but she sticks around as the scene takes the expected course.

Malkova is asked to stand, bend over and take her

Malkova’s oral technique looks to be amazing, she looks like she fully understands how play with his cock but also play the camera too. It seems effortless in fact scratch that it seems just like it probably is – genuine.

Cute little giggles as she pushes her head down on him and great eye contact all the way through.
Malkova made the BJ so captivating that I almost didn’t want it to come to an end, even if that meant her taking a load, but alas – all good things must come to an end I guess. The end came in the form of the signature Amateur Allure swallow.

Malkova, already on her knees, dipped back, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and waited. In the background – her mum opened her mouth wide too in shock that she was about to see her 18 year old daughter take a strangers load.

The camera man stood before Malkova and worked himself, he didn’t need long, before letting loose in her mouth. A nice clean white dollop of cum was squeezed along the centre of her tongue.

A long look at the camera before she closed her mouth, swallowed and opened her mouth again.
Throughout all of the action there is a nice interplay between the daughter’s performance and the mum’s reactions as she watches from just a few steps away.

This scene, although a little strange, worked for me on a number of levels. Not only was Malkova hot as hell but there was a playful angle to the scene which really allowed Malkova to share her angelic persona and character with us. but also, from nowhere, I found myself enamoured and obsessed with the Mother/Daughter bond they had throughout the scene. Her mum stuck around as she blew this dude and swallowed his cum simply because her daughter wanted to do it and pursue an amazing career.

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