Rear Window [1080p]

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Alis Locanta's "Rear Window" borrows its title and utilizes a hint of the sinister and ominous mood of Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 classic, but the similarities end there. Tess B stands in the window of the apartment she shares with Whitney Conroy scanning the neighboring buildings with a pair of binoculars. While Tess is interested in the outside world, Whitney is obsessively focused on the beauty standing before her. And, in "Part One" of "Rear Window" she indulges her lust with a prolonged and drawn out seduction. After kissing and caressing Tess while the twosome stand together, Whitney takes a seat on a low stool and focuses her attention on the beautiful, panty-clad backside of her beloved. After toying with the crotch of those panties, Whitney positions Tess on the stool and proceeds to orally and digitally bring the dark-haired beauty to a powerful climax. In "Part Two" the roles are reversed, and the setting changes. Fully clothed, Tess has joined a totally nude Whitney in the shower. Now the aggressor, Tess proceeds with her pay-back pleasure session. As the warm water of the shower continues to flow the temperature begins to rapidly rise. Soon Tess has stripped off her clothes and dives into the seduction face-first. The combination of her lover's tongue on her clit and two-thrusting fingers pumping in and out of her steaming slit brings Whitney to a truly thrilling orgasm, for watcher and participants, alike. "Rear Window" offers beautiful views along with high-intensity erotic thrills.

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