Leaving Home

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Added: August 13,2014
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Sapphira A is among the most popular models on the Metart Network, she's currently #3 on Sexart's Top Models list, and her Sexart films and galleries never fail to earn high ratings and enthusiastic praise from the membership. So, as "Leaving Home" begins, you may be surprised to see the words: "For the first time on Sexart." Whether it was due to behind the scenes maneuvering, a shift in scheduling, or an unforeseen complication during the post production process, this it most definitely not Sapphira A's first appearance on Sexart — but it is Sapphira, and it may, indeed, have been her first filmed production, so "Leaving Home" is a noteworthy addition to her portfolio. The film begins outdoors, at the seaside late in the afternoon. Sapphira, breathtakingly beautiful, even bundled up against the chill, is in a thoughtful, reflective mood as she gazes at the waves. After a contemplative elevator ride she's now standing in the window of her apartment. Her mood and demeanor remain thoughtful, but there's an undercurrent of sexual desire rising steadily within. As her arousal builds she slowly undresses, teasing and caressing her breasts, dropping her pants, and finally sliding a hand into her panties and proceeding to masturbate. When remaining upright impedes her progress, Sapphira takes a seat, hurriedly strips off her remaining clothes, and pleasures herself with ever-increasing intensity. Pausing only to taste her own aroused essence and to lubricate her fingers, Sapphira gets lost in sensation, her eyes closed, her moans of delight growing ever louder. Eventually overwhelmed with pleasure, Sapphira experiences a powerful orgasm that leaves her breathless, smiling, and glazed with a faint sheen of perspiration. Sapphira A and "Leaving Home" seem destined to elicit a similar response in her established fans and others who are only discovering her "for the first time on Sexart."

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