[SexArt] Blowing In The Wind

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Added: August 6,2014
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Alis Locanta's "Blowing in the Wind" begins on a somewhat somber, if beautiful note. Shot in black and white, stylishly dressed Sophie Lynx, stands outside on a blustery day, the chilly breezes caressing her long, wavy black hair. It's obvious that she's in a restless mood, and as she raises the hem of her skirt we realize what she's yearning for. When she moves inside the image blooms into vivid color, and Lynx anxious and already aroused, removes some of her clothing and immediately begins the process of pleasuring herself. Lynx, on all fours on a couch, doesn't indulge in much autoerotic "foreplay," she pulls aside her panties and inserts a thrusting finger into her moist cleft and begins sliding it in and out with increasing fervor. Eyes closed to better appreciate the fantasy images unfolding in her imagination, Lynx coos and moans softly as the pleasure builds and builds. After she flips onto her back Sophie adds an additional finger and a second hand to the pleasuring process. With two fingers pumping insistently into her pussy from behind she uses her other hand to vigorously stimulate her clitoris. But just when a climactic orgasm seems imminent "Blowing in the Wind" takes an unexpected turn. Lynx gets up, the film returns to monochrome, and she sashays through the empty house until she reaches the bedroom. Here color returns, those sexy panties are discarded, and Lynx masturbates to an orgasm that leaves her smiling, happy, and obviously satisfied. If you'd like to see an extremely beautiful woman indulge in an intimate, heated, and stylish masturbatory interlude, you'll find here: "Blowing in the Wind."

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