Waltz With Me - Summer

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With its circular, seasonal narrative, and its signature cinematic style, Alis Locanta's four-part examination of the adventurous romance of a young couple — Alexis Brill and Franck Franco — reaches its conclusion in "Waltz with Me Chapter 4 – Summer." The long days and balmy weather mean fun in the sun and good times spent in the company of close friends. In previous chapters Alexis and Franck have invited a third participant to share in their lovemaking. "Waltz with Me Chapter 4 – Summer" also features a threesome, but here there's one conspicuous difference. The two previous triangles involved another woman, here the additional partner is a man, Juan Lucho. In keeping with the relaxed, casual, carefree spirit of the season, there's nothing formal, structured, or dramatic in the way the tryst begins. One moment it's three friends enjoying a meal on a warm afternoon, and the next it's an intimate trio that quickly builds in erotic intensity. Alexis Brill, who has enthusiastically shared her lover with girls in the past, now has the opportunity to savor two males at once, and to say she welcomes the opportunity is to understate the obvious. Brill is very much the focus here, but she gives of herself generously. After a bit of introductory kissing and caressing Lucho begins eating Brill's pussy while she fellates Franco. Then she takes Lucho in her mouth while treating Franco to a vigorous handjob. Franco is the first man "in," fucking Brill while she devours Lucho. With two capable studs at her disposal it's not long before Alexis is rocked by a vocal an unrestrained orgasm. The two cocksmen achieve climax shortly thereafter, leaving Brill glowing with pleasure and glazed with semen. The romance and passion that has flowed through every installment of the story is very much in evidence here, but make no mistake: "Waltz with Me Chapter 4 – Summer" ends with a bang!

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