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It's a dark, wet, and dreary afternoon. A young woman — Iwia A — hurries along the rain-slick sidewalk to the shelter of a bus stop. As she folds her umbrella she glances casually at the woman standing next to her — Chelsy Sun. As the two look at each other something magical happens. We're suddenly transported to another place, another time, perhaps another reality. Here Iwia and Chelsy are no longer apparent strangers waiting for a city bus — they are lovers, clad in elegant and expensive lingerie, their hair elaborately coiffed, sharing a romantic encounter on a grand staircase in what must be an impressive mansion. The pas de deux of their lovemaking unfolds in three movements. In the first Chelsy is the giver, pleasuring Iwia with her mouth and fingers. After moving to the top of the sun-lighted staircase Iwia partially removes Chelsy's hosiery and panties, then kisses her way down her long, lean, cream-skinned body before licking and probing her smooth, hairless pussy. In the third segment Iwia once more receives Chelsy's skilled attentions, first standing with one knee supported on the balustrade, and then on her back, legs open wide, for a final orgasmic bout of oral/digital stimulation. Are we viewing a scene from a past life? A long-forgotten love affair? Or is it simply a passing sexual fantasy? These tantalizing questions are left unanswered which creates a mysterious ambiguity that only adds to the power and pleasure of "Flashback."

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