At The Right Time

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Added: June 11,2014
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The subtitle of the latest offering in Andrej Lupin's stylish and nostalgic "Vintage Collection" series is "At The Right Time," and it perfectly illustrates the truth of the old adage "timing is everything." Blonde Jenny Simons lounges on a bed in an already aroused state. She slides a hand into her sheer panties and begins masturbating, lost in her fantasies, oblivious to the outside world, riding a building wave of pleasure. Then, without warning, Lutro appears at the foot of the bed. Jenny's surprise at being "caught in the act" quickly turns to appreciation for an unexpected opportunity. She eagerly frees Lutro's cock from his pants and sucks it, hungrily, to stiffness. After fingering and licking her already moist slit, Lutro enters his lover in the first of several positions. The couple's lovemaking is only interrupted for brief sessions of oral sex and proceeds at a passionate and ever more intense pace to a near-simultaneous climax and internal ejaculation. This couple have a genuine connection, not simply in the way they knowingly pleasure each other, but also in the loving and intense eye-contact they share throughout their tryst. For lovers of sincere and steamy high-style erotica, any time is the perfect time for "At The Right Time."

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