Weekend - Episode 2 - Infidelity

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As Andrej Lupin's "Weekend" series begins to unfold, one romance blossoms, another falters, and a third gives Episode 2 its subtitle, "Infidelity." Picking up where the first episode left off, black-haired Lexie Dona joins her partner, Jason X, in the shower for some groping, stroking, mutual masturbation, and a steamy, dripping-wet, stand-up screw. When they've lathered up and rinsed off the twosome walk in on troubled couple Katy Rose and William Zeff in the middle of an argument. And when Lexie, Jason, and William leave the house to take a long and scenic stroll, Katy Rose heads off in search of a suitable diversion. The host couple — Dominika Phoenix and Lutro — are preparing the evening's meal and enjoying a glass of wine when Rose joins them, but when Phoenix drives into town to pick up more groceries Katy takes advantage of her absence. First she loses herself in a masturbatory fantasy about her male host. And when that host, Lutro, catches her in the act, masturbation turns quickly into consensual sex. Fuelled by illicit passion and motivated by their limited time alone, Rose and Lutro throw caution to the wind. Rose sucks Lutro's cock with gusto, keeping it in a lip-lock even as she sheds her shorts. Without bothering to remove her panties she straddles her partner and begins to ride him. After flipping Katy onto her back Lutro eats her pussy, then proceeds to pump her to increasingly vocal peaks of pleasure before ejaculating on her glowing rump. Will the cheaters suffer any consequences? Will their affair continue? Those questions may be answered in future episodes, but "Weekend – Episode 2 – Infidelity" is ready to be enjoyed immediately.

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