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A couple — Amarna Miller and Samantha Bentley — are watching television together one quiet afternoon. As the talking heads on the screen natter on, the girls steal glances at each other. Without exchanging a single word a decision is made. The TV is switched off. The telephone is unhooked. Computers and tablets are shut down, as are cell phones. And with these electronic distractions disabled, Alis Locanta's "Unplugged" begins. The visual style as well as the mood and action is warm, intimate, and leisurely. The girls lounge on their bed, legs and arms entwined, kissing slowly, sharing and savoring the sweetness of the moment. The attraction between the two is obvious and genuine, and this is very much a shared experience, a mutual seduction of two equally aroused individuals celebrating their love and desire for one another. After Amarna has lavished Samantha's breasts with attention, Bently slides between Miller's spread legs and begins to kiss, lick, and explore. When saliva-moistened fingers are added to the equation it isn't long before Amarna moans and quivers with orgasmic delight. With Bentley on all fours, Miller eagerly ravishes her from behind, licking her from front to back, then feverishly tongueing Samanta's clit while sliding a pair of fingers in and out of her steaming center until climax arrives. The lovers finish each other off in the scissors position and quickly bring each other to a sweet and simultaneous orgasm. Deftly mixing sincere passion with genuine romantic attraction, "Unplugged" delivers erotica of deceptively (and delightfully) high voltage.

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